Alumni of the month


Amy-Yin Zhang, 2010

Amy-Yin ZhangMy time at ACD was fast paced and fun. I studied for the Master of BusinessStudies in International Business. The course was very interesting though quite demanding at times. I found the lecturers to be motivated, friendly and very helpful.  They each draw on their own practical experience when lecturing which adds great insight to the subject and certainly contributed to my graduating with a first class honours award.

Following my graduation from the Masters of Business Studies course I was assigned to help manage the Ireland Pavilion at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai by the Department of An Taoiseach. I also co-founded Horizon Business Consulting to provide assistance to companies that want to establish networks and build business relationships in China, and assist overseas companies who wish to gain a foothold in Irish and European markets. Our client base includes companies from Ireland, China and Canada. Through Horizon Business Consulting I have gained extensive overseas experience, working on projects based in China and Canada.

I have recently started studying for the first round of FE1 exams and hope to train as a Solicitor. At Horizon Business Consulting we pride ourselves on being a knowledge based company. I aim to use the knowledge gained from qualifying as a solicitor to strengthen my company and widen the remit of our service offering. I am a director of the Shanghai Ireland Association and an active member of the Ireland China Association. I hope, going forward, to be better able to serve the Chinese community in Ireland and continue to encourage synergy between Ireland and China in terms of business and culture.



Philipp Dahmen, 2010

Philipp Dahmen

Honestly, it has been the time of my life!                                        

When my studies took me to this small college on the edge of Merrion Square in 2005, I did not know what to expect. The three-year Bachelor of Arts degree in international business was characterized by an abundance of nationalities, small lectures, caring lecturers who know you by your first name and, of course, hilarious parties and functions. 

ACD has a truly family-like atmosphere. Everyone pulls together to make things happen. First and foremost, I learned to make difficult things seem easy. For example, in 2008 an invitation arrived for an ACD soccer team to play at a tournament in Berlin. President Donald Ross told me he would try to get sponsorship for the event if I was able to get a team together.  

Well, we got a team together and President Ross got us the sponsorship. What we ended up with was more than anyone could have hoped for: the entire trip was paid for and we are talking about flights, jerseys, accommodation, food, transport. We ended up with an entire weekend of international soccer and culture. 

I received my master’s degree in international business studies in 2009/10

The lecturers really cared and would try a lot of things to help individual students out whenever they could. There was an “open door” policy, encouraging students to visit a lecturer’s office and shoot questions at him or her. 

After four years at ACD I was surprised they still had their doors on their hinges. The amount of times we students ran in those doors with a groundbreaking idea, last minute assignments, incredible revelations about oneself and truly heart-breaking excuses for why one could not make it to college the other day, surely left their mark on those doors, yet the lecturers were always there for us.  

To sum it up, four years at ACD provided a solid education from lecturers who care.

Right now I live in Munich (Germany) and am working for the Hilton Hotels Group, where I am hoping to get a trainee program to become a general manager.