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MFA in Creative Writing – Class of 2013 Public Reading

The public reading of the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing Class of 2013 took place on 26 April in Lady Wilde’s Drawing Room, in the Clementina and William E. Flaherty Cultural Centre, the Oscar Wilde House. The public reading is the climactic event of the teaching year of the MFA programme, in which members of the class read excerpts from their works-in-progress, which have been developed in the MFA workshops over the preceding months and will continue to be refined during the summer for submission and assessment in September. 

This year’s students have produced a range of exciting and distinctive work. With a class drawn from Ireland, Australia, Brazil and the United States, the writing has been as richly varied as the student body, exploring themes such as memory, desire, childhood and loss. The event was a great success, and was followed by tea and coffee, providing agents, publishers, prospective students, journalists and others interested in the emergence of outstanding new writing, with an opportunity to talk to the class members and their tutors about the works-in-progress and the MFA programme.

Links to a selection of the works read at the event and brief biographies of the writers are provided below.


Joan Christie 

Joan has been working in the field of education for over fifteen years, mainly as a teacher.  She writes material and provides workshops for an education programme designed for teachers.  In her spare time she has been writing short stories, and is now writing her first novel as part of her MFA in creative writing with the American College Dublin.

For Joan’s public reading piece:  The Jar - Joan Christie


Maycon Dimas

Maycon is a very cool guy from Brazil who always gets the best out of life. He plays football, the guitar and videogames — although never all at the same time. When it comes to writing, he struggles, but only to create some marvellous works of art. He refuses to be humble and his toasts are certainly the most crunchy in the world. His worst nightmare is to come up with a short biography in the third person. 

For Maycon’s public reading piece:  The Overrun Marmot – Maycon Dimas


Kay Dunne

Kay is from Australia. She is writing her first novel as part of the MFA in Creative Writing and has had short stories published in the Australian Women’s Weekly and Woman's Day and a humorous piece in the Sydney Morning Herald. 

For Kay’s public reading piece:  Dublin Dreaming - Kay Dunne


Rodrigo Schönardie

Rodrigo Schönardie is Brazilian and has been living in Dublin for five years. He graduated in Business Administration and his thesis, on penitentiary management, was selected by his college for publication. Although he does not have an academic background in literature, writing has been part of his life since he was a child. Domino Effect is his first work in English, and he has also written a few short stories for the MFA. 

For Rodrigo’s public reading piece:  Domino Effect - Rodrigo Schönardie


Jesse York

Jesse is a Southern California native who only began writing creatively during his final year in college after taking his first short story writing class.  From that class, and that first short story he began a series of crime fiction novellas featuring his serial detective Sphinx Mulroney who appears in the following excerpt.  Jesse is here in Ireland pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at the American College Dublin where he is attempting to complete his first full-length novel.  When he’s not writing he enjoys travelling Europe with his lovely wife Aprih.

For Jesse’s public reading piece:  Million Monkeys - Jesse York