Our Musical Theatre students join Phil Coulter on stage

On Wednesday 30 November 2016 our Musical Theatre students were invited to sing on stage with Phil Coulter and the Head of Musical Theatre at ACD, Deirdre Masterson.  It was a wonderful performance of Phil Coulter's song 'Scorn not his simplicity'.  This was especially arranged by David Wray for the students and Deirdre to sing when Phil Coulter and his wife, Geraldine Brannigan, were invited to our recent graduation ceremony.  Phil was so enamoured he asked the students to join him on the stage of the National Concert Hall.


Geraldine Brannigan

Geraldine Brannigan posed for a photo with Deirdre Masterson and the performing students.


Phil Coulter

The students were joined my Deirdre Masterson, Phil Coulter and Paul Byrom backstage.