Welcome to the American College Dublin, a College near and dear to my heart for a multitude of reasons.

I began my academic career over 30 years ago at Lynn University, a sister school to ACD. Later, I took on the role of Academic Dean at ACD starting an enduring and passionate relationship with the college. Coming from an Irish American Family with strong ties to Ireland, I was more than happy to make my move to Dublin.

The American College Dublin is truly a special place. For over 25 years now, ACD has delivered outstanding educational programs by merging the best of Irish and American higher education traditions. Now enjoying dual accreditation for many of our programs, our students benefit from the utility and value that would be difficult to find elsewhere. Studying in the boyhood home of Oscar Wilde in beautiful Georgian Dublin is truly inspiring. Experiencing the vitality and energy of Dublin as our extended campus will create lifelong memories.

I am personally thrilled to become the college’s second president. Working with our founding president, Dr. Donald Ross, has taught me the importance of making every student feel special and at home. With small classes in an intimate setting, all students will become part of the ACD family. With a caring and long serving faculty and administration, every student will benefit from personalized attention.

I have come to know, over my 25 years with the college, how wonderful and unique ACD is for everyone involved. I am confident that anyone who chooses to become part of our family will find the same.

We have many plans for the college through its next phase of existence. New programs, expanded facilities, on-line programs and an expanded range of student-life activities will be featured in our next strategic plan. Partnerships with technology firms and industry leaders will help to expand our reach and influence while providing new opportunities to our students.

These are exciting times for the American College Dublin. I look forward to having the opportunity to greet you on our campus soon.

Dr. Joseph Arthur Rooney