The Students Union at American College Dublin represents students both within the institution and externally.

Members of the Student Union are expected to . . .

    • serve as a voice for the student.
    • work to better the collective college experience.
    • attend Student Union and SMC meetings.
    • gather feedback from other students to provide to the Director of Academic Advisement and Student Life (DAASL).
    • plan, run, and participate in Union events, trips, activities, etc.
    • work on advertising and marketing events and activities.
    • keep in regular contact with the DAASL on key matters.
    • demonstrate commitment to the Student Union and American College Dublin.
    • attend weekly and/or biweekly meetings with the DAASL.
    • when necessary, refer other students to support services.
    • act as a representative of ACD by upholding professionalism and positivity.
    • work with the DAASL to market school events, trips, activities, etc.
    • help compose and maintain bulletin boards.
    • help plan the semester’s event schedule.


Students can get involved in the union by applying here or through direct recruitment. Speak to your Student Union representative today.