Fall Semester (September – December 2017)

August 2017 21 Registration for returning students commences
September 1 Registration for returning students ends
  7 Registration and orientation for first-year students
  8 Study abroad students arrive
  9-10 Study abroad orientation (those unable to attend on 7th Septmber may also attend)
  11 Fall Semester commences
  15 Last day for drop/add
October tbc Graduation ceremony
  30 (Monday) Bank holiday (College closed)
November 30 Oct - 3 Nov Reading week
December 1 (Friday) Final day of classes
  4 Final examinations commence (examinations run each day until Tuesday, 12 December, except for Sunday, 10 December)
  12 (Tuesday) End of final examinations (last examination ends at 5.00 pm)
  15 (Friday) Academic Office closes at 1.00 pm
  15 (Friday) College closes at 3.00 pm

Spring Semester (January – May 2018)

January 2018 2 (Tuesday) College re-opens
  2-12 Registration for returning students
  11 Registration for 1st year students
  12 Study abroad students arrive
  13-14 Study abroad students’ orientation
  15 (Monday) Spring Semester commences
  19 Last day for drop/add
March 19 (Monday) St Patrick’s Day observed - Bank Holiday (College closed)
  19-23 Reading week
  30 Good Friday (College closed)
 April 2 Easter Monday (College closed)
  13 (Friday) Last day of class 
  16-20 Revision week
  23 (Monday) Final examinations commence (examinations run each day until 4 May, except for Sunday, 29 April)
May 4 Final day of examinations (final exam finishes at 5.00 pm)
  7 May Bank Holiday (College closed)

 SUMMER SEMESTER (May – August 2018)

May 2018 21 Study abroad summer classes commence
June 4 (Monday) Bank Holiday (College closed)
July 13 Final day of classes
  16 Final summer and repeats examinations commence
  20 Final day of summer and repeat examinations
  23 - 6 August College closed
August 6 (Monday) Bank holiday (College closed)
  7 (Tuesday) College re-opens

American College Dublin, Irish American University, reserves the right to change the above without prior notice.