Instagram: @ACDHappenings

ACD students are advised to follow one of the official Student Life social media pages to stay up to date with school news, announcements, and opportunities.

In addition to serving as a virtual “notice board” for students, these private social media handles function as a venue for students to communicate with one another.

Information you will find on ACD Happenings may include:

    • School announcements
    • Class cancellations/reschedulings
    • Lost-and-found notices
    • Event, activity, and trip sign-ups
    • Job adsvertisements/opportunities
    • School documents
    • Student survey links
    • Club sign-up links
    • Coupons/offers for local businesses

As ACD Happenings offers information exclusively to ACD students, its pages operate under privacy settings; individuals who request to join ACD Happenings Facebook will be required to answer a few questions to ensure that they are ACD students (incoming or current). Those who request to join on Instagram may be contacted with the same questions if their profile does not include their first and surname.