Premiere of movie, DannyBoy, featuring ACD Alumni

Some of our graduates, Helena Geoghegan, Lesley Moore and Andrew Richardson feature in this movie which is due for realease May 1st. They were forth year students when the project was filmed last year and we can’t wait to see the finished project. Tune in for the premiere ont he link below soon.

DannyBoy Film FREE Online World Online Premiere link:

USP: this is the 1st time an Irish feature film has had it’s world premiere as a live link on social media for all to view.

Link to DannyBoy trailer:

‘DannyBoy’, the quirky Irish Indie coming-of-age Comedy drama about an anxious youngfella trying to find love in Small-town Ireland in 1981, will receive its WORLD PREMIERE online On Friday, May 1st. 

We’ll host a live premiere at 7pm (Irish time) where anyone around the world can watch live with us. The premiere will be hosted on the DannyBoy facebook event page. All people need to do is click on the link and watch live with us on the night. or find us on the facebook page ‘DannyBoy the feature film’

It’s our gift to everyone in this locked down difficult time. 

We salute all the people staying at home. We also wish to play tribute to all the wonderful people on the front line including Nurses, Doctors and Medical staff, First Responders, Gardai, Postal staff, retail staff, cleaners, Chemists, ambulance personnel, everyone involved in keeping the country running and helping us stay safe.

We hope the film will transport you back to a simpler, more enjoyable time before pandemics and mobiles phones and even Cappuccinos on the go and the main danger in teenage social interaction was the possibility of a broken heart. 

The film was all shot on location in County Kildare where people really got behind the film and provided locations, classic cars of the era and all extras were local people. Combining this with the costume design (by Joyce Kelly) and hair/make up by (Jennie Kelly), all adds to the authentic feel of the 1980s.

The film was written by Ferdia Mac Anna and Mary Duffin. Mac Anna also directed.

The very talented cast includes – Clelia Murphy, Paddy C. Courtney, Jack Hickey (Sea Fever) and newcomers: Darragh Byrne (as the title character), Helena Geoghegan, Alexandra Moloney and Lucy Jones. 

The soundtrack for DannyBoy is impressive and boast tracks from Joe Jackson, The Radiators, The Atrix, Some Kind of Wonderful and Ferdia’s own band, Rocky De Valera and the Rhythm Kings. 

In the run up to the premiere on May 1st, we’ll share pictures, a few clips, music from the soundtrack, etc. 

There will also be a special 80s competition. Dress up in 80s New Romantic gear in your front room and send us a pic and we will give prizes for the best outfit and maddest 80s look.

We’d love for you to get involved with this special once-off online WORLD Premiere. Please like, share and invite people. 

More details to follow. For the moment, please put Friday, May 1st in your diary and make a date with DANNYBOY.

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